Ta Pher Panga Kyon Litta

A Jalandhar sardar made tonnes of money, and decided to go on his first ‘phoren’ holiday. He bought a British Airways First Class ticket to (where else?) London. As he sat down he saw a parrot on the next seat, by the aisle. After the plane took off, the parrot repeatedly pecked the stewardess’ bottom; for which it would get friendly pats on the head. The sardar decided if the parrot, why not him? He pinched. And hell broke loose. The crew, the captain and the passengers decided to throw him out of the place, 30,000 feet up. As the sardar was about to be pushed out, the parrot piped up, “Sardarji, tussi urh sagde ho?”. “Nahin!” wailed the quivering sardar. “Ta pher panga kyon litta?” asked the parrot.


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