Business World Case Study – 16 Apr 2007 – Employee Burn-Out

Business World Case Study – 16 Apr 2007 – Employee Burn-Out

“Use cold logic even if it is not believable,” said Megha. “‘Am I lacking in knowledge? No. Am I dishonest? No. Am I low on skills? No. Am I disliked? No. Am I slow and dull? No. Can I do this job? Yes. Do I have the means to do it? Yes’ Then what is stopping me from feeling good? The oppressive debilitating crushing environment.” Harit heard her out quietly and said, “Well even though logic says otherwise, I do feel I am slow and dull, that I can’t be a success and it is like some kind of a force that is holding me back and I have to struggle against it and be pushed into doing something. There are two things, Megha: one is the courage and confidence to do something and another is a passion or will to do something. I think if I find the latter, the former will come, but I am struggling with the latter!” Megha nodded and said, “Passion will come once the will is there, passion is the result not cause in your case.”As he recalled this chat, he asked himself, “Is will lacking or missing? If I cannot find a liking to do something though logic says that I should be doing that, I find it difficult to take actions to support that — that makes me feel guilty that I am not doing enough to get out of my problem; I guess will is missing, not lacking. Or is it?


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